Special Lectures Series :

Prof. Baidyanath Misra Endowment Lecture
In 2008 the Association has instituted a lecture series in honour of Professor Baidyanath Misra, Former Vice-Chancellor, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology; former Deputy Chairman, Odisha State Planning Board; founder Director, Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies, an ICSSR Institute; a revered teacher of teachers in Economics in the state and also a noted social scientist, with a corpus of one lakh of rupees donated by Dr. Basant K. Misra, a noted Neuro-Surgeon. The speakers who have delivered this memorial lecture are listed below:

Sl No

Speaker and affiliation

Year and Date

  1.  1

Prof. Pulin B. Nayak of Delhi School of Economics

14 Feb. 2009

Shri Deepak K. Mohanty, Executive Director, RBI

February 20, 2010

Prof. Manoj Panda, Director, CESS, Hyderabad

February 19, 2011

Prof. Prabhat Pattnaik, former Professor of Economics, CESP, JNU, New Delhi


by Prof. Santosh C Panda, Director Delhi School of Economics

9th February, 2013

  1.  6

Prof. Arup Mitra of Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi

15th February, 2014

  1.  7

Prof. Shovan Ray of IGIDR, Mumbai

22nd February 2015


Prof. R Sudarsana Rao, Member, Andhra Pradesh State Finance Commission, Hyderabad

13 February 2016

  1.  9

Sri Braja Mohan Mishra, Principal Advisor, RBI

12 FEB 2017


Dr. SAMARENDU MOHANTY- Asia Regional Director at International Potato Center (CIP)Vietnam

10 FEB-2018


Professor Keshab Das, Professor, Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR), Ahmadabad

February 10, 2019.

  1.  12

Professor Deepak K. Mishra, CSRD, JNU, New Delhi

February 08, 2020


Professor Sudipta Sarangi, Virginia Tech, USA

November 22, 2020

Professor Debashis Mishra, ISI Delhi, November 22, 2021
Professor Tapas Sen, Formerly with NIPFP, New Delhi November 22, 2022

Professor Kshetra Mohan Pattnaik Memorial Lecture
In 2014 a corpus of Rs.1,00,000.00 was contributed by Sri S.N. Pattnaik, then D G M,Rourkela Steel Plant and the eldest son of Late Prof.K.M. Pattnaik, for instituting a lecture series in memory of his father, a legendary teacherand ex-Vice- Chancellor, Utkal University, the expenses of which would be met by the interest earnings on the corpus. The speakers who have delivered this memorial lecture are listed below:

Sl No

Speaker and affiliation

Year and Date

  1.  1

Prof. Pulin B Nayak of Delhi School of Economics

February 8, 2014

  1.  2

Prof. Arabinda Mishra of TERI University, New Delhi

February 21, 2015

  1.  3

Dr. B.K. Bhoi, Principal Advisor, RBI, Mumbai

February 13, 2016

  1.  4

Shri Prabhas Kumar Rath, Deputy General Manager, SEBI, Mumbai.

February 11, 2017

  1.  5

Dr. Madhusudan Sahoo, Chairperson at Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India

February 11, 2018

  1.  6

Dr Sarat Kumar Malik, CGM, SEBI, Mumbai

February 09, 2019

  1.  7

Professor Amaresh Samantaray, Head, Department of Economics, Pondichery University

February 08, 2020

Professor Jayaprakash Pradhan, Central University Gujarat, May 10, 2021
Professor Umakant Dash, Director IRMA May 10, 2022

Professor Adwait Mohanty Memorial Lecture

Family members of Professor Adwait Mohanty have donated Rs 1,10,000 to the association to create a corpus fund and its’ interest proceeds will be utilized for organizing a memorial lecture every year during the annual conference of the association.  The speakers who have delivered this memorial lecture are listed below:


Speaker and Affiliation

Date and Year


Professor Pavakar Sahoo, IEG, Delhi

February 10, 2019


Mr Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, former Chief Secretary, Odisha, Govt

February 09, 2020

Professor Tapas Mishra, University of Southampton, UK March 14, 2021
Professor Srijit Mishra, IGIDR, Mumbai March 18, 2022